A Heartwarming Story of a Stray Dog’s Loyalty to an Injured Pregnant Canine Companion

Murphy, a wandering dog, displayed incredible loyalty by staying with an injured canine he stumbled upon. He waited by her side for several hours until assistance arrived and stubbornly refused to leave her until she had recovered from her injuries and found a permanent residence.

Stray dog refuses to leave injured pregnant dog's side after she's hit by  car - World News - Mirror Online

The unwavering loyalty of dogs towards humans is a well-known fact, but a stray dog has shown that this trait extends to other dogs as well. Marley, a German shepherd, was hit by a car and left for dead on the roadside when an unknown dog named Murphy came and sat alongside her until help arrived. Despite being a stray, Murphy refused to leave Marley’s side and waited patiently for someone to come and check on her. The two dogs were eventually rescued by Suzette Hall of Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, who received a phone call about them and picked them up from a busy road in Muscoy, California. Suzette was emotional during the rescue, as she feared that Marley had passed away during the car ride. To receive more heartwarming dog news, pictures, and stories, sign up for our TeamDogs newsletter.

Marley and Murphy travelling to the vets

Marley and Murphy on their way to the veterinarian’s clinic. (Picture: Suzette Hall)

Murphy refused to leave her side throughout her treatment

Despite her injuries, Marley found comfort in the unwavering loyalty of Murphy, who refused to leave her side throughout her treatment. Touch by this display of devotion, Marley’s owner allowed the pair to cuddle up together during their journey to the vet, providing some much-needed solace for the injured dog. Upon arriving at the clinic, Marley was rushed into surgery to address a long list of injuries sustained in the accident – at which point, it was discovered that she was pregnant. Despite the gravity of her injuries, Marley was shown love and care throughout her time at the vet, winning over the hearts of both her caretakers and her rescuers at ICARE Dog Rescue. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of ICARE and Marley’s foster mother, Chrissy Johnson, Marley received four surgeries to address her injuries, ultimately making a full recovery.

It is hoped Marley and Murphy will be reunited soon

After undergoing surgeries and giving birth to 11 puppies, Murphy did not leave Marley’s side until she found a new home. Murphy stayed close to Marley in their shared cage and offered comfort. All of Murphy’s puppies were adopted by loving families, and Marley found an amazing home where she now enjoys playing princess with her human sister. Although Murphy had to stay behind for his own treatment, it is hoped that the two friends will be reunited soon. Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs that have been abandoned or mistreated by humans. The organization collaborates with animal lovers who are dedicated to being a voice for those who cannot speak. They work together to save these animals from neglect and abuse and provide them with a new beginning. The organization sees each rescued dog as precious and valuable and believes that every animal has the ability to become a healthy and happy pet with the right nurturing. Their goal is to save as many lives as possible, one paw at a time, and they work towards this end with a united canine community of loving and selfless souls.

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