A Heartwarming Tale: Resilient Pup Can’t Stop Showering Foster Mom with Kisses

Legend is a lovable dog seeking a permanent family that can embrace him for who he is. Despite enduring a rough ordeal, Legend remains a loving creature at heart. Recently, animal control officials discovered Legend being attacked by two dogs on a property in Greenville, South Carolina. It was an extremely dangerous situation, and Legend nearly lost his life. Thankfully, the officers were able to save him from the attack and transport him to the Greenville County animal shelter.


Injured dog healing at the vet

Legend, a young dog of just two years old, was found in a terrible condition with numerous injuries and without his ears. His situation was dire, and he most likely would not have survived much longer in the shelter. However, Fran Alexay, a volunteer at the shelter, recognized the severity of his condition and quickly contacted Jackie O’Sullivan, one of the co-founders of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Fortunately, O’Sullivan agreed to help Legend and made arrangements for him to receive immediate veterinary care.


Sick dog at vet lying next to teddy bear

According to O’Sullivan, the rescue coordinator at the shelter came to Legend’s aid by transporting him to the nearest vet, which was only a few minutes away. Legend’s condition was critical and he required immediate medical attention. He needed an IV and a feeding tube because he couldn’t eat due to the swelling and injuries on his face. After a day of treatment at the vet clinic, O’Sullivan and Alexay decided to move him to a 24-hour veterinary clinic that provided continuous care for Legend.


Woman with sick dog

O’Sullivan shared that there was a time when Legend’s survival was uncertain, at least during the first few days after he was brought to the vet clinic. However, they eventually deemed it safe to sedate him for treatment and were relieved to discover that his ear canals remained unharmed despite the external damage. Alexay formed a strong bond with the Labrador-basset hound mix and made sure to visit him daily at the hospital. She even expressed her willingness to foster him if he pulls through.


Earless dog looking sad

According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Legend has made an amazing recovery after a few weeks. O’Sullivan shared that Legend’s caregiver fell in love with him from the very beginning. Since he was initially unable to move around much, she would visit him at the vet and bring him food. The veterinarians put in a lot of effort to mend his injuries, and their hard work paid off. Although he no longer has ears, he is healthy overall, and the medical team does not anticipate any long-term health issues.


Woman hugging dog

The Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization is happy to announce that Legend, who was in a critical condition upon arriving at the clinic, has made a remarkable recovery. It has been just one week since Legend was brought in, but he is now able to go home with Alexay. Alexay is overjoyed at how well Legend is doing and is amazed at the amount of love that Legend has to give.


Dog kissing woman

According to O’Sullivan, Alexay is a favorite among the locals in Greenville, South Carolina. The rescue dog is known for his affectionate personality and enjoys giving hugs and kisses. He has even gained a bit of fame in the area for his lovable demeanor.


Woman hugging dog

The Rescue Dogs Rock NYC team has observed that Legend displays an unusual lack of fear towards other dogs. This is quite remarkable because many people expected him to be frightened of or dislike other dogs. However, Legend has already met several dogs in the neighborhood and the team’s dogs, and has been friendly towards all of them. According to O’Sullivan, there’s no need to worry about Legend’s behavior around other dogs.


Dog going for walk

According to O’Sullivan, it’s quite astonishing to see how well Legend is doing despite the traumatic experience he had. Although Alexay has grown fond of Legend, she plans on continuing to foster dogs and not adopt him. Instead, the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC team will relocate Legend to New York and ensure that he finds a loving forever home.


Dog rolling onto his back

In case you’re keen on providing a forever home to a dog named Legend, then you can get in touch with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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