Abandoned Dog Survives Alone in the Wild After Owners Abandon Him

Despite being abandoned by his family, Larry still has a big heart and loves people. During a delivery route, a yellow Labrador caught the attention of a passerby. She discovered that the dog had been left behind when his family moved away. With no other options, Larry made the parking lot of a nearby landscaping business his new home. He spent months in the dirt, relying on the kindness of passing truckers for food and water. Despite being let down, Larry still had love to give and welcomed anyone who showed him compassion.

Larry the yellow lab living in a parking lot

Love Leo Rescue is an organization that came to the rescue of a dog named Larry. The delivery driver who found him realized that his owners were not returning, so she created a social media profile for him on Instagram. This led to Sasha Abelson, the president of Love Leo Rescue, taking notice of Larry’s story and contacting local volunteers for assistance. Abelson and her team were quick to offer their help and took charge of taking care of Larry.

Abandoned dog found in L.A. parking lot

Love Leo Rescue was successful in convincing Larry to enter their vehicle, and they made a two-hour journey to Los Angeles. During the trip, volunteers observed that his stomach was inflated, despite not having regular food or water for several months. Additionally, Larry had hair loss on his legs and struggled with walking.

Larry the Labrador with Cushing's disease

Love Leo Rescue came across a dog who appeared to be down in the dumps. Nevertheless, the furry friend managed to show affection by wagging its tail for the kind-hearted rescuers.

Love Leo Rescue is an organization that rescues dogs in need. One of their rescues, Larry, was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease after a trip to the vet. Despite his discomfort and grumpiness, Love Leo Rescue refused to give up on him. Larry stayed at the veterinary clinic for a month and a half while he adjusted to his new medication. During this time, he was sad and reactive with other dogs, making it unclear if he could live with other dogs safely. However, as Larry’s health improved, his true personality began to shine through. He became eager to be around other dogs and was moved to a doggy day care facility. Although he was ready to find his forever home, Larry still faced some challenges, such as the cost of his medication and his fear of being alone due to past abandonment.

Larry the dog looking for a forever home

Love Leo Rescue has had Larry returned to them three separate times due to unfortunate circumstances. However, despite the letdowns, Larry remains resilient and still loves people. Abelson, one of Love Leo Rescue’s workers, expressed that Larry simply wants someone to care for him and be present in his life. When meeting new individuals, Larry is not shy about asking for affection, as he will lean in for head pets and ear scratches. Overall, Larry is a happy and grateful dog who holds no grudges against those who have let him down in the past.

Love Leo Rescue organization shared that Larry, despite his old age, is still energetic and enjoys going for walks. The unique thing about Larry is his ability to forgive and recover from past traumas. Many dogs who have had negative experiences tend to carry the scars for life, but Larry is different. He is a sweet dog who needs a caring owner to recognize his worth. Love Leo Rescue compared the search for Larry’s perfect match to Cinderella looking for her lost slipper. They are willing to wait until the right person comes along.

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