“Alan the Wobbly-faced Rescue Pup Steals Hearts on This Morning – Owners Share Why Surgery Isn’t an Option”

Earlier today, fans of TikTok fell head over heels for a cute rescue dog with an unusual facial feature. Alan, a Saluki-Boxer cross who is just one year old, has a severe deformity that causes his nose to twist and droop to the right, which results in him constantly flashing his bottom teeth. The pet’s owners, Johanna Handley and Dan Strutt from Surrey, first started posting videos of their new furry friend on their daughter’s account after rescuing Alan from the streets of Doha, Qatar, where they currently reside. Alan now boasts almost 200,000 followers on the platform, and his viewers were smitten with him, with one individual confessing that they were overwhelmed by his cuteness.

Alan, a one-year-old Saluki-Boxer cross, has a severe facial deformity that causes his nose to twist and droop to the right so he's permanently flashing his bottom teeth

Alan is a one-year-old pup who is a mix of Saluki and Boxer breeds. Unfortunately, he has a significant facial abnormality that causes his nose to droop and twist to the right side of his face. As a result, he is always showing off his lower teeth.

This Morning viewers fell in love with the animal after he appeared on the ITV show today with his owners and their daughter

The audience of This Morning show was smitten with an adorable furry creature that made an appearance along with his owners and their daughter. The charming dog named Alan received an overwhelming amount of love from the viewers, with one of them expressing that they couldn’t handle the cuteness and were already in love with him. Another viewer commended the story of Alan’s rescue and fostering, which was featured on the show. About ten months ago, Johanna spotted a stray two-month-old puppy along with his family near her house, and since then, she has worked tirelessly to find homes for all the other animals in Qatar and the US.

Viewers were besotted with the dog, with one saying they 'couldn't cope', with how adorable the animal is

The dog in question has captured the hearts of many viewers, leaving them unable to handle its cuteness. The owner shared that she found the canine and his family near her house. As they were stray dogs, she could not leave them behind and felt the need to rescue all of them. However, she decided to keep Alan. Johanna and Dan started sharing videos of Alan on TikTok through their daughter’s account, as they were initially skeptical about the platform. Eventually, they took over the account and made it a family one.

Alan was rescued 10 months ago when Johanna saw the two-month-old dog and his family living as strays near her house in  Doha, Qatar

Johanna discovered Alan, a two-month-old stray dog and his family living near her house in Doha, Qatar, and rescued him ten months ago. She started making videos of Alan and posting them on TikTok, which gained popularity quickly. Johanna hopes that Alan’s fame will encourage more people to adopt rescue dogs, regardless of their appearance or differences. Despite receiving negative comments about Alan’s appearance, Johanna consulted with a vet who confirmed that Alan is perfectly healthy as he is and does not require surgery.

The wonky-faced rescue pup has since shot to fame on TikTok racking up nearly 200K followers on the social media platform

The rescue dog with a unique face has gained popularity on TikTok, amassing almost 200K followers on the app.

Owner Johanna Handley, 41, from Godalming, Surrey (pictured) , said she started posting videos of Alan after 'hijacking' their daughter Darcy's account

Johanna Handley, a 41-year-old owner from Godalming, Surrey, has gained popularity on TikTok for posting videos of her dog, Alan. She initially started sharing the videos on her daughter’s account and hopes to showcase that Alan is not an ugly dog despite his differences. Johanna believes that putting Alan through surgery to change his appearance would be pointless and cause him unnecessary pain. Despite receiving negative comments, she has also received thousands of adoring messages from fans and cannot go out without being recognized as “the TikTok dog.”

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