“Betrayed: A Dog’s Heartbreaking Tale of Being Left Behind After a Decade for Failing to Meet Owner’s Expectations”

When someone is unable to take care of their furry friend, it’s important to do the right thing and personally surrender them while providing an explanation to the shelter. However, some individuals opt not to do this, which only causes more confusion and fear for their pets. Sadly, this was the case for an elderly Labrador who was left outside Jasmil Kennels with just a heart-wrenching note. Upon discovery, the staff were stunned to find the dog tied to a fence with little reason as to why he was abandoned. The note only stated that he had never learned to behave properly.

Dog tied to fence

An elderly black Labrador was found without a microchip, and there was an unsigned note left with the dog. Animal services were unsure how to locate the individual responsible for leaving the dog. Furthermore, the note made the situation even more heartbreaking as it revealed that the owner abandoned the poor pup after ten years. The reason given for the abandonment was that the dog had not learned to be well-behaved. The note ended with an apology for any inconvenience caused and gratitude towards whoever would take care of the dog.

Abandoned Dog Note

An unfortunate incident occurred where a dog, who had been with its owner for 10 years, was abandoned in a heart-wrenching manner. It is quite difficult to imagine how such a thing could happen, leaving the poor animal sad and bewildered. The dog certainly deserved much better treatment than this. Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service shared images of the dog, accompanied by a note, on their Facebook page. Their aim was to gather more information about the situation and requested the community’s help in uncovering more details about the dog’s abandonment. The organization later updated their post to reveal that they had located the person responsible for surrendering the dog. However, they did not provide much information, except to say that the circumstances surrounding the incident were not as they had initially appeared. They then reached out to family members, who were unaware that the dog had been abandoned.

Dog Abandoned at Kennel

The dog in the picture has received so much love from his extended family that they have decided to adopt him and provide him a familiar home. To ensure the dog is comfortable with them, they will undergo a home check and observe his reaction towards them. If all goes well, the dog will join their loving household. However, if things don’t work out, there are other families willing to adopt him. It’s uncertain why the Lab was abandoned, but what’s sure is that no dog deserves to be left behind. Loving your dogs unconditionally for their entire lives is a must.

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