Discovering Love: The Story of Freddie Mercury, the Overbitten Chihuhua Who Found Joy in Life with a New Family

Thanks to her new owner, a chihuahua mix named Freddie Mercury is now living a happy life despite being abandoned due to a birth defect that left her with two permanently broken legs. Freddie suffered from the broken legs when she was a puppy, but they never healed due to her original owner’s negligence. Additionally, Freddie was born with an epiglottis, which is a leaf-shaped flap in the throat that prevents food from entering the windpipe and lungs. Despite having an overbite that earned her an unusual name and several health issues, Freddie is now thriving thanks to her loving owner Angela Adan, who resides in Los Angeles, California.

A chihuahua mix who was abandoned due to a birth defect that leaves him with two permanently broken legs is now living a happy life thanks to her loving new owner

A Chihuahua crossbreed that suffered from a birth defect resulting in two permanently fractured legs was abandoned but has found joy and contentment with his new doting owner.

Freddie Mercury, two, had an accident as a puppy that caused her to have two broken legs that never healed due to the negligence her original owner. She is living her best life thanks to loving owner Angela Adan, 31, from Los Angeles, California (pictured together)

Freddie Mercury, a cute two-year-old puppy, had a mishap during her early days that led to two broken legs. Unfortunately, her previous owner neglected her injuries, and they never healed. Fortunately, Angela Adan, a loving owner from Los Angeles, California, came to her rescue and gave her the love and care she deserved. Angela adopted Freddie when she was found abandoned in a duffle bag under a cat, back in December 2018. Since Angela started sharing pictures of Freddie’s unique appearance on social media, she has become quite a sensation, with over 300,000 followers. However, Freddie has faced some health struggles due to being born without an epiglottis, which makes any surgical procedure more challenging as she can easily aspirate and develop pneumonia. Nonetheless, Freddie is happy and living her best life under the care of her new owner.

Freddie Mercury, two, had an accident as a puppy that caused her to have two broken legs that never healed due to the negligence her original owner. But her looks have now earned her a huge Instagram following. Pictured with her owner wearing a hoody in her honour

At the age of two, Freddie Mercury suffered from an unfortunate mishap as a pup that left her with two broken legs which unfortunately never healed due to the careless act of her previous owner. However, despite her past, she has gained a large following on the popular social media platform, Instagram, thanks to her unique appearance. Her proud owner even dons a hoodie in honor of her beloved pet.

Freddie also has an overbite that earned her the unusual name, but despite her numerous health issues, she is living her best life thanks to loving owner

Despite facing multiple health challenges, Freddie, a lovable canine with an unusual name, is relishing her life with the help of a caring owner. Her overbite is a distinctive characteristic that contributed to her unique name, but it also causes complications for her since even a simple task like drinking water can result in aspiration. As a puppy, Freddie had a terrible accident when a child dropped her, breaking both her legs. However, her previous owner neglected to get her medical attention, leading to irregular healing. Now, she requires daily stretching exercises to prevent tightness in her shoulder muscles. Despite all these obstacles, Freddie remains a happy and optimistic dog according to Angela, her owner.

Angela adopted Freddie after she was found abandoned in a duffle bag under a cat, in December 2018

In December 2018, Angela welcomed little Freddie into her life by adopting her. The cute kitten was discovered abandoned in a duffle bag underneath a cat, and Angela decided to give her a loving home.

Thanks to her unusual looks, Freddie quickly became a social media sensation when Angela began to post pictures of her, and she now counts more than 300,000 followers

Angela’s pet Freddie gained immense popularity on social media due to her distinct appearance. Angela shared pictures of Freddie which quickly made her a sensation and garnered over 300,000 followers.

According to Angela, Freddie doesn't let her misfortune get in the way of her happiness and she's a very cheerful pooch.

As per Angela, Freddie is an ecstatic dog who doesn’t let her misfortunes affect her happiness. Angela originally fostered Freddie but once they formed a bond and Freddie began to recover, Angela knew she had to keep her. Freddie’s favorite things include indulging in food, snuggling with soft blankets, and bouncing around on beds. A fan commented on a photo of Freddie expressing their love for her and emphasizing that it’s alright to be unique. Another follower simply stated that Freddie is adorable.

Angela said: 'Freddie was dropped by a child when she was a puppy and it broke both of her legs, her previous owner never provided her with any vet care and her legs healed in an abnormal way.

According to Angela, Freddie had a rough start in life. As a puppy, she was accidentally dropped by a child resulting in both of her legs being broken. Unfortunately, her previous owner never took her to the vet for treatment, causing her legs to heal in an abnormal manner.

She said: 'I started out by fostering Freddie, but once we started to connect and she started to heal, I knew I couldn't let her go'

According to her, fostering Freddie was the initial plan. But as they began to bond and saw the progress in Freddie’s healing, it became clear that she couldn’t let her go.

According to Angela, Freddie  loves food, soft blankets, cuddling and bouncing around on beds.

Angela shared that Freddie has a great fondness for food, enjoys snuggling with soft blankets, loves cuddling, and gets excited while bouncing around on beds.

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