Heartbreaking Scene: Stray Puppy Refuses to Leave its Deceased Companion’s Side After Car Accident

In a touching display of loyalty and devotion, a stray puppy in south-western China’s Sichuan Province was spotted crying over the lifeless body of its friend who was killed in a road accident. The heart-wrenching moment was captured on video and has since gone viral with over five million views online. Despite the intervention of a kind pedestrian named Mr Xiong, the puppy refused to abandon its deceased companion and could be seen pleading for help with mournful cries. The footage serves as a poignant reminder of the deep emotional bonds that animals can form, even in the face of tragedy.

According to Mr Xiong, one of the dogs was already deceased while the other was barely holding on to life. The surviving dog appeared to be in a state of distress and was making pitiful sounds. The incident was captured on camera on October 25th, where the footage showed one dog lying motionless while the other stood nearby. Unfortunately, Mr Xiong was unable to save both dogs as he had to leave one of them behind. However, he did manage to rescue the surviving dog.

The dog looked devastated and cried mournfully next to its dead friend, refusing to leave its side

The canine appeared to be heartbroken, shedding tears of sorrow as it remained by the lifeless body of its companion, steadfastly refusing to abandon it.

Onlooker Mr Xiong wrapped the still alive puppy in a piece of clothing, but it still seemed devastated at the death of its friend

Mr Xiong, who was watching the tragic scene, decided to help the still breathing puppy by wrapping it in a piece of cloth. However, the poor creature was still in shock over the loss of its companion. Mr Xiong took the surviving stray to his place of work, where his colleagues provided it with sustenance despite its extremely frail condition. Even though he wished to adopt the dog himself, he was unable to do so, and thus he and his coworkers placed the pup inside a cardboard box and brought it to a nearby animal shelter. Hoping for the best, Mr Xiong expressed his thoughts, saying, “I hope someone with a good heart will adopt it.”

Mr Xiong had to leave the dead dog behind in the road but picked up the one that was still alive

Unfortunately, Mr Xiong was forced to abandon the deceased canine on the street. However, he did the compassionate thing by rescuing the one that was still breathing.

Mr Xiong took the surviving stray to his workplace, where his colleagues fed the extremely weak pup

Mr. Xiong brought the stray that had managed to survive to his workplace. His colleagues kindly provided food for the pup, which was extremely frail and weak.

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