How One Woman’s Decision to Rescue a Dog with a Unique Facial Deformity Will Leave You in Tears

Jamie Hulit, a proud dog owner from Austin, TX, had her heart set on adopting a lab from a breeder. However, her plans fell through when she saw a photo of Beaux Tox – a yellow lab with a facial deformity. The moment she laid eyes on him, she knew it was fate and that she had to rescue him from the terrible conditions he was living in. According to her, Beaux was born to a breeder who gave him away for free as he believed no one would buy him due to his deformity. The man who adopted him could not take care of him, forcing Beaux to live outside in the backyard until he was five years old. He had never been inside, nor had he received any flea treatment or been neutered. Unfortunately, ear mites had caused him to become deaf in one ear. Jamie knew instantly that she and Beaux were meant to be together, and she never looked back. Even though she had waited a year after her 16-year-old lab passed away before adopting again, Jamie knew that rescuing is the only way forward. She believes that if the dog she initially planned to adopt had gotten pregnant, she wouldn’t have rescued Beaux. This experience has reinforced her belief that everything happens for a reason.

Jamie Hulit, an animal lover, adopted a dog named Lucky but renamed him Beaux Tox. Since she always gives her pets new names, she asked herself what made Lucky so lucky in the past. However, her joy of adopting a new pet was short-lived as Beaux turned out to have several medical issues that needed immediate attention. The poor dog had fleas, weighed only 42 pounds, and tested positive for heartworms. Jamie spent around $8,000 on Beaux’s medical bills, but she didn’t mind living on a budget for a while. According to her vet, Beaux had a 50/50 chance of survival, but Jamie was determined to give him the love and care he deserved. Beaux is now thriving with his new owner, bringing joy and laughter to everyone around him.

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