“Incredible Canine Feat: Front-Paw Balancing and Running! Meet the Exceptional Dog Born Without Back Legs Who Loves Walkies”

Putol, a brave little dog that was born with only two legs, has defied the odds and adapted to her condition by using her front paws as her primary mode of transportation. Despite her physical deformity, this six-year-old pooch is often spotted frolicking with other dogs and wandering around the streets of Casiguran in Quezon City, Philippines. Thanks to her devoted owner Danilo Codilego Jr, Putol has learned to balance on her own even without the help of her hind legs. In Tagalog, the language spoken in Luzon, Putol means “chopped,” but this resilient pup has proven that physical limitations do not define her.

Six-year-old Putol (above) from Casiguran in Quezon City, Philippines, was left to die after being born with only two front legs 

Putol, a six-year-old from Casiguran in Quezon City, Philippines, was born with only two front legs and was abandoned to die.

She has now adjusted to life on her two front paws with the help of her owner Danilo Codilego Jr (above with dog)

With the assistance of her owner Danilo Codilego Jr., this dog has become accustomed to living on two front paws.

The dog is often seen running with other dogs and exploring the streets of Casiguran and is a major attraction in the neighbourhood

The pooch is a familiar sight in Casiguran, often frolicking with other canine companions and exploring the local streets. She has become quite the sensation in the area, known for her indomitable spirit and zest for life. The furry friend came into the possession of Mr. Codilego during his time working at a bakery, when a colleague brought in a litter of four puppies. While the other pups were quickly snatched up, the two-legged Putol was left behind as no one believed she would survive for long. However, Mr. Codilego stepped up to take care of her despite the odds, feeling a sense of compassion towards the little pup. Six years have passed since that fateful day, and now Putol is an integral part of the community, bringing joy to all who encounter her.

Mr Codilego met the dog when his co-worker at his previous job turned up with four puppies

Mr. Codilego had a chance encounter with a furry friend during his previous employment when a colleague brought in a litter of four pups.

He said: 'He was trying to sell them for 5000 pesos each (£115).The other puppies sold, but nobody wanted poor two-legged Putol'

According to him, the man was attempting to sell the puppies for 5000 pesos which is equivalent to £115. Although all of the other puppies were purchased, nobody seemed interested in buying the two-legged Putol.

The dog, who could not walk for the first two years of her life, is very protective of her owner and even guards his house

Putol, the dog, had a difficult start in life as she was unable to walk properly for her first two years. Despite this, she learned to balance herself on her front legs and now guards her owner’s house with great protectiveness. Her owner, Mr Codilego, named her Putol and said that she acts like a guard dog by barking at strangers. Additionally, she becomes jealous if her owner pays attention to other dogs. However, she is friendly and adored by her neighbors. When Mr Codilego has to go out of town for work, Putol faces no issues as everyone takes care of her. She enjoys the food that her owners eat but is unable to have puppies due to her condition.

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