“Paw-some Bonding: Homeless Pooches Find Comfort in Cuddles at the Shelter”

Little CC and her furry friend Chewbacca are more than just dogs without a home, they are family to each other. These adorable dogs were once owned by humans, but their lives changed drastically when they were abandoned at an animal shelter due to the arrival of an allergic baby. Now, CC and Chewy spend their days dreaming of finding a loving human who would adopt them. In the meantime, they find comfort in each other’s company and cuddle up to one another whenever possible. According to Jessica Jorgenson, a spokesperson for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, “Pretty much every time we walk by their kennel, CC is either sitting on Chewy or draped over him or curled up against him.” Despite their size difference, CC treats Chewy like a pillow, and their bond is undeniable as they walk side by side and sit next to each other in the car. These sweet dogs are gentle, well-behaved, and get along perfectly with other cats and dogs. If you’re looking for loyal and affectionate companions, look no further than Little CC and Chewbacca.


They’re each other’s sole family.


Their once peaceful abode became chaotic when a new addition, a baby with allergies, came into the picture.


According to a representative from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARLI), CC is often found sitting on top of Chewy, draped over him, or curled up in close proximity to him.


It’s quite evident that the dogs have a striking discrepancy in size, but their unbreakable bond and camaraderie cannot be missed.


As they take a stroll, they amble alongside each other…


They are so comfortable with each other that they don’t mind sitting in close proximity while driving.


These two pooches’ ultimate aspiration is to find a compassionate human who would take them into their home.


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