The Story of A Chained Dog: Labeled As “Untouchable” And Left Alone For 10 Days

A while back, there was a rumor going around that Duke was sick with a highly infectious disease. As a result, people were advised to steer clear of him. Consequently, Duke was left to his own devices and chained to a rickety old trailer when he was just 10 months old.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue encountered a heartbreaking situation when they found Duke alone for 10 days under a dilapidated trailer in a Bulgarian village, struggling with the harshest form of isolation.

There was a woman living in the village who couldn’t bear to see the animals suffer. She decided to contact Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, an organization in Bulgaria that is dedicated to helping animals in need. Tony Rowles, one of the cofounders of the group, responded to the call and found a dog that was in a terrible state, covered in flies and surrounded by its own waste. The poor animal was understandably terrified.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue team encountered a scared dog named Duke, who was in a bad situation surrounded by the smell of ammonia and unable to move. Despite this, Duke immediately showed affection by kissing the first hand offered to him.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue organization had limited space available in their shelter, and as a result, Duke the dog was taken in by the Rowles family alongside a few other cats and dogs. Their home provided temporary residence for Duke until space became available at the shelter.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue encountered a dog that was incredibly charismatic, despite the initial concern that he might be contagious. For a brief period, the dog exhibited a strong aversion to men, which made him quite fearful. However, as time went on, he became more comfortable around people and even formed a special bond with Rowles’ wife, Diane. Despite his fears, this furry friend was able to overcome his reservations and become a beloved member of the rescue community.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue encountered a challenge when they came across Duke’s feet, which were severely bent and broken.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue organization was in for a startling discovery when they had Duke examined by a veterinarian. The vet found that Duke’s feet were severely traumatized, and it was evident that someone had purposely inflicted this pain on him. It was a heartbreaking moment for Rowles when the vet revealed that Duke’s feet were broken, with shattered bones and no ligaments left. His feet had become a floating mess of bones due to the cruelty he endured.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue took in Duke, a pooch that was severely undernourished and had a damaged throat due to being restrained by a heavy chain. The rescue team provided him with necessary surgeries, including the use of splints, and ensured he was given nutritious food. Duke was also surrounded by the right people who gave him proper care and attention.

According to Rowles of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, they have reached a point where they can finally put one of their rescued dogs for adoption. The group has been operating in Bulgaria for eight years now and has successfully found homes for over 1,000 dogs, which were sent to different parts of the world such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, and the United States.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue organization made a great impact on Duke’s life as he was adopted by Diana Romaine, who resides in England. The goodbye between Duke and the Rescue team was an emotional one, according to Rowles. Similarly, when Duke arrived in England, it was an even more emotional moment. Duke, who was previously considered untouchable, has now touched many hearts throughout his journey. It’s been two years since he was adopted, and he has left a significant impact on people in England and beyond.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue was able to save Duke and other animals thanks to the kindness of people who formed a human chain. If you want to be part of their mission and help more animals in need, you can make a donation through their website. Check out the video of Duke’s rescue below.

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