Unyielding Pooch Courageously Defends Family Against Ferocious Mountain Lion

Although mountain lions are frequently spotted near the foothills of Utah, it’s not common to see a dog bravely defending her family and standing her ground during an encounter. However, that’s precisely what Ella, a hunting dog and guardian, did. She risked her own safety to ensure that her loved ones were protected while she was keeping watch.

On a hot summer afternoon, the usual routine of children playing in their pool and Ella lounging on her backyard rock wall was disrupted. Ella’s behavior had become cautious, causing concern for her owners. Upon closer examination, it was discovered that Ella had spotted a mountain lion nearby. While an attack from a mountain lion on humans is rare, Ella was not willing to take any chances with the safety of her family. However, her confrontation with the mountain lion went unnoticed as the family had already stepped inside.

Mountain Lion

The family was jolted by a noise at the door, which made them aware of something amiss. Upon peering through the window, they were appalled to witness a brutal altercation unfolding right outside. The patio and door were smeared with blood, and it was evident that Ella had been grievously injured in the altercation. Her wounds were quite severe, with deep cuts on her head, nose, tongue, legs, and neck, and over 30 bites scattered all over her body.

According to the veterinarian, Ella’s injuries were only on the front of her body, meaning she didn’t back down or turn away during her fight. She bravely defended her territory and protected her family. It’s been observed that deer, which are the primary food source for mountain lions, have been seen in the area recently. Local experts believe that this is why the mountain lions have been lingering nearby. Mountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas, are found all over the United States. They are adaptable to different environments and tend to follow their food source.


Wildlife specialists are still searching for the mountain lion and its current location remains unknown. However, it’s a relief that Ella, who bravely fought to protect her family, is anticipated to fully recuperate. She truly is a remarkable seven-year-old canine companion.

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